about us

The self-organized social center or steki La Rage opened its doors in September 2013. It was established by a team of people who share common ideals, and put them into practice. These include anti-fascism, self-organization, equality and resistance against all kinds of authority. All decisions are made within the group assembly, which operates horizontally and anti-hierarchically. In other words, all members are equal, and there are no leaders or ‘experts’. We operate in opposition to all notions of profit and commercialization, and disagree with the passing on of responsibilities and instruction from one person to another.

Our political and administrative meetings take place weekly in regular basis.

The steki is open to any individual or group that wants to take action, create or prepare a presentation, however, with the presumption always that they agree and operate within the above mentioned ethical characteristics.

The steki has a lending library as well as a book store of revolutionary publications. There is a shelf of free printed materials whose aim is to dis-inform and arouse social and class resistance. Every Friday after 21:00 there is a self-organized bar/party to cover the costs of the space.